Prepare Your Boiler for Winter

    When you own or manage a commercial building, building occupants are going to expect a comfortable environment, no matter what the outside temperature is. It is important to not get caught unprepared during the first cold spell of the year. Be proactive before the weather starts to change so that you can have peace of mind that your boiler will work when you need it.

    1. Turn on your boiler to test that it is working.

    Before it starts to get cold outside, do a test turn-on of your boiler. Starting it up before you need it will allow you to assess your equipment to make sure it is working properly. Leave your boiler on for around 15 minutes so that you can identify any issues with your boiler’s pressure system.

    2. Check for error codes, leaks, and unusual noises.

    While you are doing your test run of your boiler, inspect it for leaks, error codes, and unusual noises. If you have a loss in boiler pressure, pooling water, or damp spots near your boiler, you may have a water leak. Unusual noises such as whistling, popping, crackling, or even loud banging sounds could indicate that you need to get your boiler flushed. If you have any issues with your boiler, get it serviced by a professional before winter comes.

    3. Clean the area around your boiler.

    The area around your boiler should be unobstructed. Remove any objects near your boiler, especially objects that could be flammable. Clear the surrounding floor space to help ensure the air intakes are not blocked.

    4. Bleed out the radiator.

    If your radiator is colder at the top than at the bottom, it may need to be bled out to release air that is trapped in the system. If this is not done, it can waste energy and money and place a strain on your system.

    5. Make sure your pipes are insulated.

    When the temperatures drop below freezing, your sprinkler pipes are at risk of freezing. Make sure your pipes are insulated to avoid freezes that can cause your boiler to shut off.

    6. Check your carbon monoxide detectors.

    Test your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that they are leaking. Boilers have the potential to leak carbon monoxide when they are not operating properly. Carbon monoxide is deadly and having working CO detectors can save lives.

    7. Schedule a service checkup.

    The most important step in getting your boiler ready for winters is to have it serviced by a licensed professional. Trained technicians can inspect your equipment and identify any opportunities to improve efficiency.

    CMS Mechanical Services provides boiler maintenance, inspections, and repairs in Northern Colorado. We will get your heating equipment ready to keep you warm throughout the unpredictable Colorado winters. To schedule maintenance, contact us today!

    Taking Care of Your Northern Colorado HVAC Systems

    We know that Northern Colorado weather can be unpredictable. Your mechanical contractor shouldn’t be. CMS Mechanical Services prides itself on providing reliable and dependable service for your heating, cooling and plumbing systems throughout the changes in season and weather. When a mechanical system in your building fails, it can lead to lower productivity, interrupt your processes, and even shut your entire building down temporarily. At CMS, we offer preventative maintenance for your mechanical systems to spot the small issues before they become big problems. If a failure does occur in your facility, our technicians are available 24 hours a day to address the problem timely, efficiently, and precisely.

    Preventative HVAC Maintenance and Service

    The team at CMS Mechanical Services can help you take care of your heating and cooling systems through our comprehensive preventative maintenance contracts. We will perform seasonal check-ups for your HVAC equipment to help ensure that your heating system is prepared for winter, or your cooling system will work throughout the summer months. In addition to helping ensure system functionality, maintenance also provides many benefits such as extending the life of your equipment, reducing energy bills, and improving the quality of your indoor air. After each visit, we will give you a detailed explanation of any repairs that are needed and perform repairs in a timely manner.

    Plumbing System Maintenance and Service

    We are the team you can trust for plumbing system maintenance and service in Northern Colorado. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we can take care of all aspects of your commercial plumbing system. We handle frozen pipe repair, water or drain leaks, water heater repair, fixture replacements, sump and sewage pump service, and much more.

    Have Peace of Mind with 24 Hour Emergency Service

    When an emergency occurs, you want to have someone you trust who can solve the problem. At CMS Mechanical Services, we respond to HVAC and plumbing system emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a service contract with us, you will get top priority when a serious problem arises. With a large service department, we have the capability of responding to your emergency within 2 hours and will do everything in our power to get your system up and running again.

    Proudly Serving a Variety of Northern CO Facilities

    CMS Mechanical Services is proud to take care of all your HVAC system needs in Northern Colorado.

    • Food Processing
    • Universities
    • Hospitals
    • Power plants
    • Manufacturing facilities

    Contact CMS For Service Today

    If you need service for your mechanical systems in Northern Colorado, contact CMS Mechanical Services today. We serve customers in Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, and the surrounding areas. You can count on the CMS team to be there when you need us most.

    Maintenance Tasks for Commercial HVAC Systems

    HVAC systems are one of the biggest consumers of energy for commercial buildings. The most effective way to reduce energy consumption in your commercial facility is through HVAC preventive maintenance. Maintenance provides many benefits including increasing the lifespan of your equipment, prevent unplanned downtime, and function optimally.

    Basic Maintenance Tasks for HVAC Systems

    While most maintenance tasks need to be performed by a qualified, professional HVAC technician, there are some basic things that building managers or staff can do to take care of your HVAC equipment including:

    1. Change air filters – You should check your air filters at least once a month and change them as needed.
    2. Visual inspection – It is a good idea to do a visual check of your HVAC system on a regular basis to make sure that nothing looks wrong or out of place.
    3. Clean exterior of unit – Clean up any material outside of your unit that could interfere with airflow including leaves, dirt, or grass. Trim back any plants or shrubs that are growing too closely to your equipment.
    4. Clear up blockages – Check to make sure that your supply and return vents are not blocked by any materials or furniture.

    Bi-Annual Maintenance Performed by a Professional

    Before the change in seasons, it is important to get maintenance performed by a professional to make sure it is ready to go for the summer or winter.

    Spring HVAC Maintenance

    Some maintenance tasks that should be performed every spring include:

    • Replace filters
    • Inspect belts and pulleys and replace if needed
    • Clean condenser and evaporator coils
    • Check refrigerant charge and inspect for leaks
    • Clean drain lines and pans
    • Check electrical connections
    • Check operation of fan and blower motor
    • Lubricate moving parts
    • Check operation of controls and thermostat
    • Check for adequate airflow

    Fall HVAC Maintenance

    Every fall, some maintenance tasks that should by performed include:

    • Replace filters
    • Inspect belts and pulleys and replace if needed
    • Clean drain lines and pans
    • Check electrical connections
    • Check operation of fan and blower motor
    • Inspect ignition and burner assembly
    • Lubricate moving parts
    • Check operation of controls and thermostat
    • Inspect heat exchanger

    Schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance with CMS

    CMS Mechanical Services can provide preventative maintenance services for commercial HVAC systems in Northern Colorado. We provide individualized maintenance plans for each client. After each service visit, we will provide an explanation for any necessary repairs and walk you through any opportunities to improve efficiency. If your HVAC system needs maintenance, schedule an appointment with CMS today!

    Benefits of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

    Your HVAC system may not be something that you think about too often, until it stops working. Taking proactive measures to maintain your HVAC equipment can go a long way. Some of the benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance include:

    1. Prevent Equipment Failure

    Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems will help to prevent failure of your equipment. It would be miserable to lose your air conditioning on the hottest day of summer of have no heat on the coldest day of winter.

    2. Maximize Energy Efficiency

    HVAC systems that are well maintained perform more efficiently. Tune-ups keep your equipment running at optimal performance levels which can help you save money on utility bills. When a majority of your building’s energy is used by your heating and cooling equipment, it is important to take maintenance seriously.

    3. Maintain a Comfortable Environment

    HVAC systems that are running efficiently are able to provide a more comfortable environment for your employees or people inside your building. Maintaining your heating and cooling will in turn maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

    4. Save Money in Repair & Replacement Costs

    The cost of maintaining your HVAC systems is much smaller than the expense you would have to pay for repairs or replacement of the equipment. Taking care of your equipment will extend its longevity so you can avoid having to pay for replacement.

    5. Improve Indoor Air Quality

    HVAC preventive maintenance such as coil cleaning and filter changes will improve the air quality in your building. Improving your indoor air can reduce the spread of allergens, pathogens and other harmful pathogens which will improve the health of the people in your building.

    HVAC Preventive Maintenance Plans

    At CMS Mechanical Services, we create HVAC preventive maintenance plans that are tailored to the needs of your commercial or industrial facility. Our goal is to provide exceptional service that will maximize the energy efficiency of your systems, prevent equipment failures, and save you money in the long run. In addition, we offer emergency service of heating and cooling systems so you can have peace of mind that your equipment will get the attention it needs in a timely manner if something goes wrong. CMS Mechanical Services serves customers in Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Estes Park, and Fort Morgan. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance services.

    HVAC & Mechanical Services in Longmont, CO

    Do you have a commercial, industrial, or institutional facility in Longmont that needs mechanical services? At CMS Mechanical, we specialize in providing HVAC and plumbing services to a variety of buildings. We understand the importance of providing excellent service in a timely manner to minimize equipment failures and optimize comfort.

    HVAC Preventative Maintenance in Longmont

    We provide HVAC preventative maintenance Longmont, CO. CMS Mechanical Services offers comprehensive HVAC preventive maintenance plans that are individualized for each client to keep your equipment running at optimal performance levels. We will provide an explanation for any necessary repairs and walk you through any opportunities to improve efficiency after each service visit.

    Plumbing Services

    We provide commercial plumbing services in Northern Colorado, including Longmont and the surrounding areas. Some of the services we offer include emergency plumbing services, water or drain leak repair, water heater repair and replacement, tankless water heater repair and installation, services for toilets, urinals, sinks, garbage disposals, sump and sewage ejection pumps, gas piping and frozen pipe repair.

    Indoor Air Quality Services

    Keep your building occupants healthy with indoor air quality services from CMS Mechanical Services. We offer needlepoint bipolar ionization technology to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, and odors. In addition, we also offer ultraviolet lighting, filter changes, coil cleaning, and HVAC maintenance to improve air quality in your Longmont buildings.

    Contact Us for Mechanical Services in Longmont

    CMS Mechanical Services is ready to assist you with all your mechanical service needs in Longmont, CO, and the surrounding areas. Located in Windsor, CO, we can provide service for commercial and industrial buildings across Northern Colorado. We offer emergency HVAC and plumbing services as well as regularly scheduled maintenance. To learn more, contact us today.