COVID-19 Air Solutions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many measures implemented such as handwashing, wearing masks and social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus. One way to stop the spread of COVID-19 that you may have not considered is upgrading your HVAC system. Many businesses could benefit from upgrading their HVAC systems to help stop the spread of the virus and improve indoor air quality. There are HVAC technologies available that can help fight airborne pathogens in indoor spaces including the coronavirus and other diseases.

  • Merv-13 Air Filters

One of the easiest ways to filter airborne pathogens from indoor air is to have a MERV-13 rated air filters. High MERV rated filters trap smaller particles. However, MERV-13 filters can potentially reduce airflow and increase energy costs. While MERV-13 filters are not the most effective solution for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in indoor spaces, installing higher rated filters is a good first step towards slowing the spread.

  • UV Lighting

UV lights can eliminate many types of pathogens including fungi, bacteria, germs, and viruses. UV lights are installed within the air handler to sterilize the air and kill COVID-19. The effectiveness of UV lights at killing pathogens depends on the intensity of the lights.

  • Bi-Polar Ionization

Bi-polar ionization technology can be used to clean the air inside of commercial and industrial buildings. During the ionization process, ions travel through the air stream and attach to particles, pathogens, and gas molecules. When the ion is attached these particles become filterable and the pathogen is robbed of the hydrogen that it needs to survive. This process has been found to reduce the rate of coronavirus by up to 99.4%. This technology is not only effective at fighting the coronavirus. It also helps eliminate Norovirus, Legionella, MRSA, Staphylococcus, E. coli, and other virus, bacteria, mold, allergens, and odors.

CMS Mechanical Services Provides COVID-19 Air Solutions

At CMS, we can provide the COVID-19 solutions that you need to help keep your indoor air clean and safe. We can install Global Plasma Needle Point Bipolar Ionization technology that can send ions through the air stream in your facility to improve air quality and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your commercial or industrial building.

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